Capitalize on the Power of Prescriptive Analytics with IBM Decision Optimization

Prescriptive analytics can make the difference between thriving in a business versus going out of business. A company using optimization software to make decisions can use resources much more efficiently than the competition and therefore can cut costs and serve customers better. IBM Decision Optimization is a prescriptive analytics solution that enables decision-makers across industries to make optimal business decisions using powerful CPLEX solvers. It helps maximize value from machine learning insights and deliver true business impact from data science investments.

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  • Prescriptive Analytics

    IBM Prescriptive Analytics solutions deliver great business value by helping decision makers handle the tough trade-offs that arise when limited resources force choices among options. Take decision-making capabilities to new levels with the power to run complex models with large data sets, factor in business rules and constraints, and rapidly find the best possible solution from millions of alternatives.


    • 1. Improve operations: Optimize product planning, reduce inefficiencies, drive smarter operational decision-making
    • 2. Manage resources more efficiently: Better utilize: capital, personnel, equipment, vehicles, facilities.
    • 3. Mitigate risks: Gain insight into how decisions can have business-wide impacts and hedge against data uncertainty.

    IBM products

    • 1. IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio - Provides a model development toolkit for rapid development of decision optimization models using mathematical and constraint programming.
    • 2. IBM Decision Optimization Center - A configurable platform for building and deploying applications to solve complex planning and scheduling challenges.
    • 2. IBM Decision Optimization for Watson Studio - Combine optimization and machine learning techniques in a unified environment to build the optimal action-plan and meet business goals.

    Why IBM?

    • 1. High performance and scalable
    • 2. Supports unlimited decision variables and constraints
    • 3. Supports mathematical programming and constraint programming models

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