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  • IBM Hybrid Data Management

    Database management from IBM enables users to leverage a hybrid approach to manage their data. IBM's database management system equips enterprises to use data across different types of sources, seamlessly integrating on-premises and cloud environments to extract actionable insights. Built to support artificial intelligence (AI), IBMs database management system supports multiple languages and frameworks used in AI. It also uses AI capabilities such as natural language querying and machine learning algorithms to provide superior performance.

    What You Can Expect With IBM Db2 Hybrid Data Management:

    • Always-on availability
    • Deployment and data flexibility
    • Compression and performance
    • Embedded Internet of Things technology


    • IBM DB2 Database
      IBM Db2® Database is a relational database management system (RDBMS) used to collect, store, organize and analyze data. Db2 provides users with the ability to perform transactional, analytical and warehousing functions with the data contained in the database. The recent launch of Db2 11.5 has broadened the scope of Db2’s data management practice to include AI.

    • IBM Db2 on Cloud
      This fully-managed SQL cloud database offers the advanced features of an on-premises database without the cost, complexity and risk of managing your own infrastructure.

    • IBM Db2 Hosted
      This on-demand cloud service delivers a Db2 multiworkload SQL database in a cloud infrastructure. It offers robust performance and high availability.

    • IBM Informix
      IBM Informix® forges new frontiers with its unique ability to seamlessly integrate SQL, NoSQL/JSON, timeseries and spatial data. Embedding Informix at the gateway level enables you to perform database operations and analytics close to the data sources to make local decisions.

    • IBM Db2 for z/OS
      A majority of Fortune 500 companies, including the world's top banks, retailers and insurance providers trust Db2 for z/OS® to stay ahead of the competition with faster analytics, scale and speed for the mobile era. Gain up to 23 percent CPU savings with in-memory database performance.

    • IBM Data Management Platform for MongoDB Enterprise Advanced
      IBM Data Management Platform for MongoDB Enterprise Advanced is a data platform and document database that enables developers to build apps faster, distribute data to where it needs to be, with the freedom to run anywhere. This modern database platform provides a rich data environment and enterprise tooling to support mission critical, highly secure, and always-on deployments.

    • IBM Cloud Pak for Data for PostgreSQL – Community Edition
      PostgreSQL has become the open source SQL-based relational database choice for developers, featuring built-in support for high availability, backups, logging and container setup. Now PostgreSQL Community is natively integrated into Cloud Pak for Data, giving developers the ease of Kubernetes-based containers and a complete data management lifecycle. Users can now deploy across on-premises and cloud environments. They gain a consistent user experience with key aspects of the environments being managed through an integrated cloud-native set of APIs shared with IBM Cloud™ Databases for PostgreSQL.

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