IBM Data Warehouse

Gain deeper insight into customer decisions and organizational operations with an AI-infused, hybrid data foundation.

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  • IBM Data Warehouse

    IBM provides multiple data warehouse offerings, including on premises, on cloud and as an integrated appliance. All three platforms offer a common SQL engine to streamline queries and flexible licensing for your analytical workloads. This high-performance and highly flexible data analytics foundation enables timely insights to support data-driven decision making

    All of our IBM data warehouse offerings provide:

    • Flexible licensing
    • Adaptable scaling
    • Strong foundation for insight


    • IBM Integrated Analytics System
      Accelerate analytic development and reduce deployment times with IBM Integrated Analytics System, a cloud-ready data platform that meets demands for cost-efficient, streamlined data storage.

    • IBM Db2® Warehouse on Cloud
      Focus on data analytics, not administration, with a fully managed, elastic cloud data warehouse with built-in Oracle and Netezza compatibility. Now deployed on IBM Cloud™ and Amazon Web Services.

    • IBM Db2 Warehouse
      Combine on-premises control with automated scaling and cross-platform compatibility on a software-defined, private cloud data warehouse for Docker-container-supported infrastructures.


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