Achieve Data Quality Assessment Automation with IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer

  • Data Quality

    Data quality enables you to cleanse and manage data, while making it available across your organization. High-quality data enables strategic systems to integrate all related data to provide a complete view of the organization and the interrelationships within it. Data quality is an essential characteristic that determines the reliability of data for making decisions.

    DataOps ensures that data quality is preserved to meet all your business goals across a business-ready data pipeline. By implementing a data quality solution from IBM, your organization can enhance data integrity to get the most from your information assets.

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  • Key Features:

    • Act on a trusted view
      Provide all available and meaningful information about your customers in a trusted view. Accurately target your customers for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, while governing your data.

    • Accelerate data governance
      Enhance data quality, create master views of key entities and manage diverse data across its lifecycle. Thus, reduce time and cost of implementation to maximize ROI from key initiatives.

    • Modernize systems with consolidation
      Consolidate applications, retire outdated databases and modernize systems. Automate business processes for cost savings.

  • Key Offerings:

    • IBM InfoSphere Information Server for Data Quality
      enables rich capabilities for organizations to continuously cleanse data and monitor data quality, helping turn data into trusted information.

    • IBM InfoSphere QualityStage
      ® helps create and maintain an accurate view of data entities like customer, location, vendors and products across your enterprise.

    • IBM Big Quality
      provides a rich set of data quality, profiling, cleansing and monitoring capabilities for Hadoop big data storage clusters.

    • IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer
      provides data profiling and analysis to accurately evaluate the content and structure of your data for consistency and quality.

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