IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog: Discover Data and Analytic Assets to Fuel AI

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog powers intelligent, self-service discovery of data, models and more. Access, curate, categorize and share data, knowledge assets and their relationships, wherever they reside. Dynamic masking of sensitive data elements unlocks information for AI application development.

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  • Data Governance

    Data governance is the overall management of data availability, relevancy, usability, integrity and security in an enterprise. It helps organizations manage their information knowledge and answer questions, such as:

    • What do we know about our information?
    • Where did this data come from?
    • Does this data adhere to company policies and rules?

    IBM data governance solutions are vital to DataOps to ensure the data pipeline is ready to help your organization catalog, protect and govern sensitive data, trace data lineage, and manage data lakes, so you can be ready to deploy AI and machine learning at scale. A data governance platform with an integrated data catalog can help enterprises find, curate, analyze, prepare and share data, while keeping it governed and protected against misuse.

  • Key Features:

    • Flexible data governance strategy
      With multiple entry points, you can adopt a data governance strategy to suit your organizational objectives, while shaping business information in unique ways that suit your needs.

    • Data cataloging
      Use machine learning-powered data catalogs to improve the efficiencies of knowledge workers and make the processes of harvesting metadata, curating assets and sharing knowledge efficient.

    • Confidence in big data analytics
      Obtain clean, consolidated, consistent and current information. Use this information to drive big-data projects and applications, while aligning with governance objectives.

    • Privacy and protection
      Identify data with meaning; assess data value and risk; secure personally identifiable information (PII), predictive customer intelligence (PCI) and personal health information (PHI); and comply with GDPR.

  • Key Offerings:

    • IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog activates data for AI and analytics with intelligent collaborative cataloging, backed up by dynamic-data-access policies and enforcement
    • InfoSphere Information Analyzer provides data profiling and analysis to accurately evaluate the content and structure of your data for consistency and quality
    • IBM Virtual Data Pipeline deliver security-rich virtual copies of production databases while consuming no additional storage resources
    • IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog is an enterprise data catalog that allows users to create, manage and share a common business language and to find, understand and analyze information
    • IBM StoredIQ Suite automates policy execution across unstructured data and helps you make informed business decisions as you act on this data
    • IBM Optim manages data from requirements through retirement to help improve business agility, while reducing cost
    • IBM Industry Models combines deep expertise and industry best practices in a usable form ("blueprint") for business and IT communities to help accelerate Industry solutions.

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