Optimize Real Estate Portfolios and Improve Occupant Experiences With IoT and AI

Predict occupancy levels across all connected facilities, and identify small anomalies before they become large expenses.

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  • IBM TRIRIGA Building Insights

    IBM TRIRIGA® Building Insights relies on IoT and AI to connect and securely store data. Use this data to learn, analyze and visualize a building’s behavior. It is a cloud-based offering that connects building systems, sensors and external products through a responsive web application. With a single click, you can get AI-based insights, such as future occupancy predictions, across your entire enterprise.

    TRIRIGA Building Insights Key Benefits:

    Speed time to value
    Reduce the time and complexity involved with building custom solutions and integrating multiple point products.

    Make informed decisions
    View data from your enterprises’ buildings as action-based insights from a single application.

    Isolate costs
    Take advantage of staged deployment and subscription pricing to isolate costs and only pay for actual sensors installed across the entire enterprise.

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