Accelerated computing servers

Successfully implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) today requires a partnership between humanity and technology. Accelerated computing can help build this partnership.

Watch the video: The Power of Man and Machine.

Watch the video

Video: The Power of Man and Machine
  • IBM Power System AC922

    IBM Power System AC922

    Engineered to e the most powerful training platform

    • Unprecedented performance for modern AI, analytics and HPC workloads
    • Simple GPU acceleration
    • Flexible deployment options including on-premises or in the cloud
    • Proven reliability and IBM-secured open-source frameworks
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  • IBM Power System IC922

    IBM Power System IC922

    An inference server engineered to put your AI models to work

    • Quickly turn new business data into AI insights
    • Ready to scale with your business needs
    • Use AI software across your training and inference servers
    • Built to deliver security
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